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Contact Us: (254) 690 - 2274
Fax: (254) 690 - 2708
Routing Number: 311985429
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Serving Central Texas since 1957
Formerly Known As Killeen Teachers Federal Credit Union
  • NEVER share your banking information or login credentials with someone at any point. This includes your Username, Password, Security Question Answers. GCTFCU will never call and ask you for any of your login credentials.
  • DO NOT trust the caller ID just because it has your bank's name.
  • We encourage you to set up account alerts, specifically security alerts, to verify and monitor account activity.
  • Access your accounts and review all activity on a regular basis.
  • Use longer, unique passwords 
  • Deals that are "too good to be true" are just that and are usually a scam.
  • When possible use your debit card chip (PIN) instead of swiping
  • Store your debit card in a place that isn't vulnerable to theft.
  • Contact GCTFCU IMMEDIATELY if you ever feel your digital credentials, debit card, or financial information has been compromised.